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The HARN app was made for my undergraduate computer science senior project in collaboration with the University of Florida's Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. We created a company, Exception Mark Inc., designed and developed an iOS application for iOS 6+ devices and focused on providing a gorgeous and intuitive experience. The app provides information about various collections of art, the museum, and has a set of photo filters created using Core Image that correspond to each collection individually. During the development I gained an strong understanding of Objective-C, helped create a rich user interface, product development skills, and comprehensive client-developer experience. We consistently iterated, tested, and looked for feedback from museum staffers during the development and upon graduation gave the code base and resources to the museum for future development.

Role: Producer, Programmer, and UI Designer
Partner: Lauren Gray
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Beanstalk is one app that allows you to quickly move your files across your Dropbox,, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts with just the tap & drag of a finger. Easily login into your Dropbox,, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts. Move files between various cloud services and your SD Card. With one gesture you can send a file to all your services and SD Card to keep everything in sync. Currently requires Android 3.1 Honeycomb or later, and an SD Card. My contributions included product management (feature development, organization/task division), concept, branding, UI design, implementation of universal sharing feature, and animation support.

Role: Producer + UI/UX Designer

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Magic Folders

Made during my time at Disney, Magic Folders was a side project that grew into an icon set for OS X themed around Disney™ characters to be used for personal use. All handmade vectors using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Breakneck Express

During my internship working at Walt Disney World Resort, I had the opportunity to develop a personal project and design proposal that would be used for issue tracking fed from Microsoft SharePoint issues. The main challenge was that it had to be a design flexible enough to be used on either a television set that would be viewable for an entire team or in a small window on an individual Cast Member’s computer desktop.

During my exploration, I referenced other at-a-glance informative designs ranging from sticky notes to reminder apps on smart phones to airport arrival boards, and ultimately decided that a departure/arrival board model would provide the most flexibility and information. Once that was decided, it was time to add some magic to the styling. For this aspect I choose to model the appearance off of Disney’s iconic monorail system; each issue would be like a new train arriving or departing complete with the iconic chimes so as to bring awareness to critical issues.

My internship ended before I could see the implementation, but I got to formally present the idea to top IT management where it was well received.